Budgeting for Office Supplies

Stocking an office with the needed office supplies can be quite an overwhelming experience for a person. Not only is the person trying to find everything they are going to need, and confronted with thousands of different types of the same types of products, but many people are conscientious of the budget they are on for their office supplies. The good news is that there are several things that you can get without having to go into debt in order to get your office up and running.

When thinking of the basic office supplies you may need in order to start your office, most people think of:

- Pens or pencils (It may be helpful to have both in an office)
- Staplers with staples
- Some sort of ring binders and file folders
- Paper
- Printer, computer and other electronics needed to make an office run efficiently


If you are on a budget, there are several brands that offer similar items to those that are on the highest price spectrum, yet still serve the same function. You can also consider buying items that may not be exactly what you want, yet will get the job done in the office. For example:


- Regular #2 pencils rather than mechanic pencils

- Simple ink pens that can be purchased in bulk

- Simple Manila folders with tabs already manufactured onto these

- Multipurpose white paper to ensure you can get the job done no matter what type of job you are doing


The idea of saving money on office supplies is something that many people consider. It is important to note that in most cases, when you buy in bulk you can get a better price per dollar. In an office you know you are going to use a lot of these items, thus this is not money wasted when you do buy in bulk. A last shred of advice is to ensure that you look at all the prices of items and compare these to the quantity to ensure you are getting the lowest price per product, this is going to mean you get more bang for your buck.

A Functional Office with the Right Furniture

The idea of any office is to use the space that you have been granted to its fullest potential. There are several pieces of furniture that are going to help make the office function easier and allow for a tidy appearance that most everyone wants in their office. Whether you are dealing with a cubicle sized office or a huge office, you are going to find that these pieces of furniture are available in numerous sizes to accommodate any office.


Having a bookcase is necessary for most people in an office. They may not be storing books that are read frequently on these shelves, but the bookcase can be used for more than books. This is a great place to store important documents in binders or even have resource material that you may reference a few times per month. There are several types of bookcases avialble such as the Alera Valencia Series Bookcase/Storage Cabinet that is a two shelve piece allowing for multiple uses. For those who are looking for something more traditional then the Basyx by HON Bookcase is the fit, with five shelves and a mahogany finish.

 File Cabinets

Though the bookcase or any other shelving can be used for storing documents, you will find that having a file cabinet is still helpful. These filing cabinets can be purchased that are fireproof, a huge plus for those important documents that are difficult or impossible to replace. There are several styles to choose from including those that are lateral or those that are vertical, the material in which these are made from, and the number of drawers that are needed.

 Pedestal Desks

These desks offer a bit more than the typical office desk since they have the extra storage space that a person may need. Many of these have drawers included that are a great place to put office supplies such as staplers, paper, pens and the like. The HON Attune Double Pedestal Desk is a great example of the extra space a person can get in their office with the right type of pedestal desk.

If you find that your office space is a bit cluttered and you are running out of room to place papers or the like, then it is time to rethink the furniture in the space. If you are working with a smaller space, consider shelving on the walls or a smaller filing cabinet to make the space more organized. When your office space is functional, it will make the work you do much easier.

Card Stock Paper for the Office

When it comes to the paper that an office is going to use, a person needs to realize that they are going to use more than just a few sheets of paper each week. On average, an office can go through an entire realm of paper every week. Of course, the more people in the office, the more paper that the office is going to go through. There are several types of paper on the market, including the paper that is used for printing, faxing and copying. There is also appear that is used for writing, such as office paper tablets and the like. Another type of paper that is available on the market is card stock paper. Many people think that card stock paper is a specialty paper and not something that the person is going to need in the office. Yet, there are those times in which having card stock paper in the office could be beneficial.

Why Buy Card Stock Paper

Card stock paper is not only great for printing cards, which an office may have to do from time to time, but this type of paper is also great for printing out invitations to office events, printing business cards, or even mailing a thank you to someone else. Therefore, when you think of card stock paper, do not limit your thinking to birthday cards and the like. This type of paper can be used in many functions within the office.

Options and How to Buy

When it comes to card stock paper, there are several options that a person is going to find that comes with this paper. The good news is that card paper is card paper, as there are no differing degrees on the level of thickness with card stock paper. However, a few differences the person is going to notice right off is that they can get numerous colors with this paper. There are packets of blue, green, orange, pink, and so forth, as well as the plain white. For the office, the plain white office stock paper is probably going to be the best option since it can be printed on with ease, and can be used for just about any occasion.

If you want your office to be fully loaded and have everything that you could possibly need at your fingertips, then having a few packs of card stock paper is going to help you get to this point. You never know when this is going to come in handy.